WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 4.1

Holy Crap! It’s been over FOUR MONTHS since I last updated! How very shameful. And to leave you all at the birth of the next generation, that was just bad. So! To make up for it, I’m going to aim to have at least one chapter out every week from now on!

Moving on swiftly, the sight of a sickly green door announces the arrival of Gen Green!

“Come on Canary! I want to get my body back now that I’ve had the kid.”

“I’m coming!”

Welcome to the family little Lawn Evans (boy) and Leprechaun Evans (girl).

No sooner are they home than it’s back to normal … again.

“You’re going to be the most beautiful girl ever!”

I hope so! I’m fed up of interesting looking kids, gimmie the cute back XD

You guys are boring, just saying.

So time passed by uneventfully and it was time for the ‘twins’ birthday!

Marc’s eyes are strong genes apparently. The black hair is Marc’s too I think … Lawn got the Evan’s hair.

Of course, the kids both got IF’s.

Family bonding over toddler training πŸ™‚

I’m so glad this isn’t Sims 2, otherwise all my sims would be dying from fright right about now Β¬_Β¬

Of course, the family forgives and forgets pretty quickly.

Canary writes out some thank you’s while Sunkist eats more cake. Cake is the nutrients a legacy family needs, everyone knows that.

Sunkist makes an awesome granny.

Toddler training 2.0.

Um … Leprechaun, honey, you’re doing it wrong πŸ˜›

Yolk’s starting a family! πŸ˜€

“I’m so sick of cake and dirty plates…”

“Rock Paper Scissors on who deals with the diaper?”


Cuddles … whatchu doing?

“What kind of loser kid plays with dolls?!”

Are you forgetting that you used to BE a doll?

“Pfft! Away with you, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Uh huh.

“I know you’re behind the dolls oldie! Quit it!”

Cuddles seems to be a right grump lately.

To appease him, I spent some of his LTH points on a lamp.

“Whoa! I rubbed the lamp and look what’s happening!”


Oh right, this guy. He just appeared. I was hoping for, you know, smoke and stuff.

“What? No, I can’t talk now, a big blue guys about to give me stuff!”

Or, he could be using your chemistry set instead Cuddles, cause genies do that apparently.

Sunkist got invited to … Butter’s? party and discovered that she has another grandchild. His name is Jedidiah Evans.

Sunkist spent the whole night holding Jedidiah and chatting to Butter.

It was an Evans’ family reunion.

That night Yolk’s daughter was born.

Back at home…

“Genie! I have decided what I shall wish for first!”

“Give me wealth!”

“As you wish master!”

“Uh … wait…will this hurt?”

“So does it just fall out of the sky … or what?”

“I feel awesome!”

So now that they had a bit more money I moved them out of the legacy lot so I could place one of the houses that I’d built on a whim one day. Only … the family can’t quite afford the $600,000 house that I had intended to give them. So I moved them here for the moment…only to discover it’s one bedroom.

So now they’re living here, with a room I built on the back to house everybody since this is also a one bedroom house. I feel like every house in Twinbrook is only one bedroom … or at least the ones that the family can afford are.

Cuddles summoned the genie to wish for more money and we discovered that he had become a she. Alright, fair enough. We also had three wishes again. Score!

They quickly settled into a routine, doing pretty much the same as they’d done in the old house.

On their second night in the new house, it was the kids birthdays!

I thank the IF genes for the kids being so pretty πŸ˜›

“Urg! Guys! I just grew up here, that’s not the first thing I wanted to see!”

They took it somewhere a little more private.

*baby jingle*


WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.6

I’m back with another chapter! πŸ˜€

“Ahh, isn’t skilling awesome Canary?”

“Sure gran, whatever…”

Canary paints some rather strange pictures…

“Hey gr- …Cuddles?”

“If I close my eyes it’s not happening.”

“That wasn’t so bad.”

Poor Grim’s the only one to see Sunkist off.

“Okay, now I’m scared…”

Me tooΒ  Magmar, me too.

“Hello again Grim.”


Poor Grim.

Magmar was placed under the awesome tree while Marc was given that little bamboo tree.

“It’s alright, she’s in a better place.”

“At least we still have each other.”

Sunkist must’ve known that Canary was taking Magmar’s death hard so she stayed close to him for a bit.

I think you’re doing it wrong Grim.

…what is up with these guys lately?

Awwwwww! That’s so cute!

“I am so sick of seeing cake around here…is that one new?”

Why yes, yes it is.

“Happy birthday!”

“Yay! I’m growing up!”

“Oh yeah, I got it.”

Uh no, ya don’t.

Now you do.

Canary Evans

Neurotic, Couch Potato, Family-Oriented, Star Quality, Angler

Surrounded By Family

Country music, Tri-Tip Steak, Blue


Cuddles Evans

Disciplined, Family-Oriented, Mean-Spirited, Lucky, Artistic

Emperor of Evil

Pop music, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Grey


I love him, he’s so cute ^^

Most adorable couple ever.

I know what you’re thinking and no, Grim did not die.

“Hi, I’m here to take away your neglected pet.”

Yeah, they didn’t look after Grim that well. Oops.

Synchronized barfing πŸ˜€

“Hey! It’s my birthday!”

“Urg, I look awful.”

I beg to differ, I think you make an adorable elder.

Canary is preggers! πŸ˜€

And so is Cuddles!

“I’m so excited to meet my grandbabies!”

Canary doesn’t look pregnant anymore but that’s because I used stylist to see if I had any clothes that would show a male bump…I don’t 😦

“I’m so glad we’re starting a family.”

“So am I, which is why I have something to ask you.”

“Will you marry me?”

“Of course I will!”

And then they were married.

And life went back to normal, with skilling abound. There is nothing funnier than a floating head working out because all it does is bob from side to side.

“Hey Cuddles, what’s up?”

Cuddles does this to someone at least once a day.

Butter’s having babies πŸ˜€

Aww, floating heads sleeping πŸ™‚

“Help me!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

Baby time πŸ˜€

WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.5

Man, I am really churning out the chapters lately. Want to know how? I’m ignoring every other thing I’m supposed to be doing. That’s not gonna come back to bite me at all >.>

“You kids know there are other bathrooms around here, right?”

“Something doesn’t feel right…”

“What’s this bright light?”


At least his family was (mostly) there to see him off. The kids were all at school apart from Cuddles for some reason.


Poor Sunkist, I wish I’d realised she was so much younger than Marc was.

“Marc Evans, it is time.”

“Stop right there Grim!”

“What’s the big idea taking my daughter’s husband before me?”

“Do you want to die lady?”

“No! But you should have waited to take Marc until after my time was up. I am older after all.”

“That’s not how it works.”

“I think I got my point across.”

I’m sure you did.

So anyway, Marc was buried outside with this cool tree. He was 91.

Life moves on and this prank couldn’t have come at a worse time for poor … whichever IF that is.

“You will be mine.”

“Go away Cuddles.”

“Cuddles! I’m trying to do my homework, go away!”

“I’m just sitting here, not doing anything.”

Yeah, Cuddles doesn’t leave Canary alone.

We interrupt this legacy to bring you this bathroom. It’s the first fully furnished room in the new house. I know, it’s not yellow. I get so bored of decorating everything in the same colour so only bedrooms and the front door will be changing colour every generation.

Canary thought he’d do a little dancing to try and cheer himself up.

It didn’t work.

“It’s alright Canary. I know you miss your dad.”

“But I’m here for you. You can let it all out.”

“Thanks Cuddles.”

“It’s what I’m here for.”

For some reason, the kids are all taking up exercising.

Of course, others prefer the less energetic hobby.

“Living in a house with five teenage boys is the worst experience ever…”

Poor Butter.

Where are you going Cuddles?

“Hee hee hee.”

Poor Taxi.

“I’m telling you bro, painting is the best. You gotta try it!”

“So now I just put the paint on the canvas?”

“Yup, go ahead, see what you can do.”

“*yawn* Well, I’m beat. Hopefully this’ll get Taxi off my back about painting.”

“Why are you always spending so much time painting? You never spend time with me anymore!”

“Painting’s my dream! I have to practice to get better.”

“Would it kill you to spend some time with me too though?!”

“Oh Grim, I miss Marc.”

Sunkist’s been rather lonely lately so she spends a lot of time with the cat.

Taxi didn’t come home after school one night. He headed to a friend’s instead. I found him drawing on the drafting table. He really does spend all his time working on his creativity.

I found Rags out in the middle of nowhere that night arguing with thin air.

Cuddles was also not home after school. He was being questioned by this police officer. Some of you may recognise her as the woman whose house Taxi became a teen in.

Dancing, they all do it at some point in the day.

Yes, Taxi is painting once again. But what’s important about this picture is little Grim attempting to look out the window. Aww ^^

So, this happened at Prom. Everyone else apart from these two got into a fight. It was a good night.

Hi Marc!

It’s a quadruple birthday! πŸ˜€

Excuse the walls being down but I found this immensely funny. They all wokeΒ  up at the same time (to go and see Butter blow out the candles) and they all instantly complained about being hungry. Bad sim player? Me? πŸ˜›

Anyway, Butter grew up much the same as Macaroni except she got smaller eyes.

Butter Evans

Disciplined, Genius, Never Nude, Easily Impressed, Absent-Minded

Physical Perfection

Songwriter music, Key Lime Pie, Violet


Taxi looks alright, he’d be so much better without that stupid nose though.

Taxi Evans

Friendly, Artisitic, Hot Headed, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humour

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Songwriter music, Goopy Cabonara, Lime


Rags and Jelly Bean also grew up.

“Yay! I’m an adult now!”

“Where’s Jelly Bean? We’re supposed to be leaving now.”

“I’m coming!”

Yeah, I didn’t bother making over the IF’s…

Okay, screw you spares and you’re awesome estates. I need to get cracking on the Evans house so the spares arean’t living in better conditions.

WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.4

A very deformed Grim welcomes you to a new chapter of the Evans Rainbowacy!

The motive mobiles are finally making a return! Remember before the mysterious disappearance the family had a grey one (for Rainbow’s generation) and a red one (for Magmar’s generation). Unfortunately only Sunkist has enough LTW points for a motive mobile at the moment. But at least the grey one is back!

“Isn’t it nice to just have the two of us in the house?”

“It’s a little too quiet, don’t you think Marc?”

“Yeah … maybe. And there seems to be a lot of dolls lying around that aren’t normally here.”

This is actually what Grim is supposed to be doing on the title slide. Isn’t he a cute kitty? ^^

“You’re in big trouble young man!”

“What did I do? I just got home from school!”

“Don’t argue back to me!”

“You need to take responsibility for your actions!”

“What was he talking about?”

I have no idea, then again, I never do when a parent scolds their child.

He got put in a time out for 45 minutes. Poor guy.

It was then that I realised the moodlet tells you what caused the child to be scolded. In Yolk’s case, it’s bad grades. I went to check his grades and he’s currently getting a D. Whoops.

Magmar doesn’t do a whole lot these days. She’s 88 and only at level 5 of the Military so I’m not expecting her to complete her LTW but she seems content.

“I’ve had enough of this sink breaking. Time for an upgrade!”

Marc’s getting on a bit too now that I think about it. He’s only 2 days younger than Magmar. He’s close to his LTW of maxing three skills. I think he needs 1 logic point and 3 handiness points, he’s already maxed painting.

“You know, it’s such a beautiful day outside, we should sit outside and do our homework.”

“I’m almost done …”

“Good for you! When you’re done think you can ask Yolk to come help me?”

“Sure Mac.”

“Hey Mac, you done these questions yet?”

“I’m waiting on Yolk coming to give me the answers.”

“You guys should learn to do things yourself, I’ve already finished my homework.”

“Maybe we can throw you a party then Butter.”

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Yolk is struggling away with his homework in the bedroom under the watchful eye of his IF.

A charming family moment the next day where all the kids are in the same room! I’m not sure what Yolk is so upset about but Magmar’s being a good granny and cheering him up. The other teens are doing their homework and arguing over cars and utensils and Canary’s kind of zoning things out by the look of things.

“This stuff is way too hard!”

Aww, poor Taxi. Must say though, he looks normal from this angle. Perhaps there’s hope that the nose isn’t so bad afterall!

Macaroni’s another of the kids to take up painting. She did that whale picture on the wall first which is serving as a Blue gen painting, even though Gen Blue is still 2 generations away.

“You can’t let the others take your place as painter! You are going to stay here and paint forever!”

“Yes Jelly Bean.”

As a side note, I’m not sure if this IF is the one that’s called Jelly Bean. I just know that there’s a Jelly Bean, a Cuddles and a Rags…

It’s time for a triple birthday!

I love how everyone eventually made it to celebrate.

The first of Gen Yellow to reach YAhood and I fail to get a good picture.

Macaroni Evans

Friendly, Artistic, Dog Person, Over Emotional, Brave

Canine Companion (Be friends with 9 dogs)

French music, Tri-Tip Steak, Hot Pink


Much better picture of her. She got ‘the nose’ and huge lips from somewhere but I think she’s quite pretty πŸ™‚

Her twin Yolk also grew up. There’s nothing wrong with this picture, his eyes really are that small…

Yolk Evans

Neurotic, Absent-minded, Disciplined, Can’t Stand Art, Family-Oriented

Physical Perfection

Kids music, Falafel, Black


“Take notes bro, this is how to grow up.”

“With a goofy nose?”

“Pfft, you can talk!”

Yes, I’ve noticed that Yolk got Marc’s nose which, although better than Kendall’s, still isn’t all that great.

Macaroni promptly went onto the new computer, bought specifically so they could move out, to move out.

“Alright bro, you ready for this?”

“Born ready. So glad to be out of that cramped place.”

A quick drive down the road and Macaroni and Yolk are now living in this beauty.

Back at the house, Canary finally makes it to the cake.

Okay I officially SUCK this chapter at taking good pictures of the kids. Anyway, Canary got Marc’s nose. Hurrah! No more ‘the nose’ … unless it’s like a recessive gene and shows up in Canary’s kids … oh please don’t let that happen! Anyways, Canary reminds me of that kid from The Polar Express.

This kid right here.

Anyway, now that there’s some room in the house, it’s time to put those IF potions Marc made to good use. First up is Butter and THIS IF is Jelly Bean, Taxi’s is Rags.

Aww, he’s adorable! πŸ˜€

“Hey! There’s no ball thingy on top of my head anymore! Awesome!”

I love his face.

“Thank you Butter.”

“Jelly Bean! You shouldn’t have!”

Jelly Bean learns the next day the downsides to being a real boy. Homework.

It’s strange that the kids never seem to do their homework all together.

Not feeling so good Marc? I have no idea why he’s puking.

“So I just drink this?”

“That’s what Butter tells me.”

“I don’t like this…”

Poor Rags.

“It was so considerate of you to make me real though, here.”

“Thanks Rags!”

Awwwwwww! There’s so cute together!

“Isn’t it great that we’re real now?!”

“I didn’t like it at first but now I think it’s awesome!”

“I’m sick and tired of you kids misbehaving!”

“Why couldn’t I have been blessed with good children?!”

“Calm down dad, what are you talking about?”

Canary missed the bus to school, that’s what this was about.

“You’re such a loser Canary!”

“Look, there’s no need for you to be so mean. I got your potion for you.”

“Yes, but you left me like this for longer than the others!”

“Just drink it already.”

O_O I’m scared … *backs away*

“Oh man! What have I done? Why did I do it? Urg, I’m getting a headache.”

“Hey! I know what will make you feel better!”

“What are you doing?”

“Holding your hand?”

“Oh heck no! You just called me a loser twenty minutes ago!”

“I made you real but our friendship is done.”


WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.3

Welcome back to another chapter of WYLSB – Rainbowacy!

Canary may be adorable but he’s a crier. I hate criers >.>

“Don’t say a word.”

Been playing with the chemistry set again I see.

“Come on Canary, time for to start talking.”

You sure that’s wise? The kid makes enough noise with his crying as it is, you really want to add words into the mix?

Awwww, but he is a little cutie ^^

Marc’s paintings are awesome, but I’m hoping that he paints a rainbow painting like someone did before the family mysteriously vanished from my saves. I want to have my nice, rainbow painting and red painting and orange paintings back. I need one for every generation dangit!

Homework time! The amount of IF’s in this household is crazy, I think EVERY kid has one.

While the boys are back home doing their homework, Macaroni is at someone’s house watching TV.

“Confound it, what was taking her so long in here?”


I have no idea what Butter was doing, couldn’t possibly have been setting a bobby trap, nope.

“I’ll stick with this one, he’s not too much trouble yet.”

Yet being the key word there Marc.

Poor Yolk wanted to tell a ghost story but no one went out to listen to it, even his IF walked away from him. Poor guy.

Taxi has been painting and I was going to keep this for the Orange gen painting but it’s all empty space up the top, so it was sold.

“I’m right here Taxi…”

“But this IF is Orange!”

Honey, what are you doing?

Oh, just drinking out the toilet? Okay.

Taxi is still painting, this time, I’m keeping it. One Red Gen painting done.

The kids pretty much do their own thing these days, because there are too many of them for me to micro manage. It’s just a shame that they don’t seem to interact with their IF’s more.

Of course, not being able to micro manage kids can be fun sometimes πŸ˜›

“What did they do?!”

I pretty much leave all the kids to themselves while I concentrate on the adults and trying to get them progressing well for their LTW’s. It warms my heart to see someone taking the time to play with Canary πŸ™‚

“Yay! I just got back from work and it’s my birthday!”

Only Marc and Butter made it over to see her transition…

…into an adult. Yup, Marc’s almost dead and his wife’s only just turned into an adult.

Yay! IF interaction!

It’s Canary’s birthday!

He got a slight variation of ‘the nose’ but I don’t think he actually got it! Hurrah!

It was then that Sunkist rolled this want. *deletes*

Meet the social worker. He came and took away Gold, Honey and Egon because I was getting sick of having so many cats in the house. We’re keeping Grimalkin but he won’t be breeding. I think in the future I’ll be sticking to horses and pets that come in tanks πŸ˜›

I forgot to take pictures but both Yolk and Macaroni went to Prom. This is the love interest that Macaroni got while at Prom. I forget his name.

Aww, how sweet!

Just then Meghann arrived, that’s Yolk’s love interest from Prom.

They greeted more formally than Macaroni and her boyfriend.

Still, they snagged their first kiss that night too. Two kids down, three to go…once they’re old enough XD

Sunkist was inside playing with Grim the whole time (Yes I did just keep Grimalkin so I could call him Grim πŸ˜› )

“Yay! It’s my birthday!”

Where are you?

“I dunno, this lady’s house.”

“Who is this kid?”

While Taxi’s out somewhere in the great wide Twinbrook, Butter grows up at home.

Only Canary was there to see her grow.

Taxi grew up alright, be so much better without the nose though…

Upon closer inspection, it actually suits him…I think…

“Well, how do I look?”


Butter got the nose, which looks kind of bad on her and she also got Marc’s really tiny eyes.

Grim is pleased to end this chapter. Lookit his adorable little face ^^

WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.2

Holy crap the Evans are back! Yes, I know, it’s been a shockingly long gap between chapters and I do apologize. But they’re back now!

Butter and Taxi spend all their time with the IF’s. The skill toys are starting to gather dust…

Speaking of IF’s…poor Sunkist and Marc must think their kids are crazy.

The problem with small corridors.

“Out the way, oldie coming through.”

“‘scuse me, but I was here first.”

It was then that I realised Marc and Sunkist are still not even engaged…

“Marry me Marc?”

“Ahahaha! No. Commitment Issues, remember?”

Curse you Marc!

“I still think you’re the most beautiful girl on the planet though.”


“What? That was a perfectly good compliment.”

Not exactly an engagement though, is it?

This dog. I want it in the family.

…too bad it ran away before anyone could talk to it.

“Why’s the cat rolling around in its own pee?”

No idea.

“Bad kitty! Bad!”

Awww, poor kitty!

“It’s my birthday!”

Shoot, I forgot about this…

His nose! And his eyes! Seriously, he’s not even attempting to blink in this pic, that’s actually how his eyes are.

The IF’s seem to be getting close…

“Does it ever end?”

Apparently not. I’m as sick of it as you are.

*zooms in on Honey*

Welcome two male kitties to the family. They look exactly like Honey but have the same build as Gold. Also, their default names are ridiculous, so I kept them.

I think this is the first time Sunkist has sat down to teach the twins.

Here’s kitten number one, pretty sure this is the one with the name I can’t remember. It’s something like Gremhilen…or something XD

“Play with me mum! Play with me!”

This is the other kitty, easier name to remember. Egon.

Putting them side by side, the only difference seems to be that Geralwhatever has a bigger head.

When did you get pregnant again?

I find it oddly strange how much older he is. Sunkist isn’t an Adult yet…

Clearly neither of them mind the age gap.

“Let’s try this again. Will you marry me?”

“Sure, I’m not getting any younger and getting hitched is on my bucket list.”

How romantic.

Before he has time to back out, they get married.

So, going to have this baby anytime soon?

“Wait and see.”

Apparently very soon was the answer.

“It’s another boy!”

Welcome baby boy Canary Evans. Usually I would post a picture of the thing the kid is named after but I forgot this time, sorry.

Later that night…


“Why’d we not get cake?! I’m hungry!”

Yolk looks too much like his father. I think his eyes might actually be smaller than Marc’s.

Macaroni is Sunkist’s double, I just wish she’d gotten a nicer nose. I need to get rid of that thing from the family!

“I can’t wait to see what you look like all grown up.”

Me either, hopefully he gets all your best genes and Marc’s best genes.

Marc’s been given a new toy to play with.

“I don’t see why we have to do this!”

“Oh come on Yolk, it’s not so bad.”

Sunkist does remember that she has a toddler son! She’s forever playing with Butter but hardly ever Taxi.

“What am I doing out here again?”

You were going Stir Crazy so I sent you across the road for an hour.

It’s the twins birthday. No cake. They’re too poor.

Nice to see that you guys care so much.

“I’ve seen plenty of birthdays already thank you very much.”

“I just don’t care.”

Butter is a mix of Marc’s small eyes and Kendell’s stupid nose!

Taxi doesn’t look too bad, if he only didn’t have that nose!

Little Canary grew up that night too. I have no idea where his hair colour came from but he is the CUTEST!

“Did my chance at heirship just disappear?”

WYLSB – Rainbowacy : Chapter 3.1

Welcome back to another chapter of WYLSB – Rainbowacy.

With the birth of a new generation we have a new colour on the door. Yes, the Yellow generation is here!

And we welcome Gen Yellow with twins.

The little boy is called Yolk.

The little girl is called Macaroni.

“Can you hurry up and put the kid down, I want to pick it up.”

‘Scuse me, but you don’t even like children.

With the twins now tucked up in bed, Sunkist sets about cooking for the first time at home since they’ve finally gotten a cooker.

The following morning is the twin’s birthday.

Yolk is very much his father’s double, except he’s got the Evans hair.

Macaronia is very much Sunkist’s double, except she also has the Evans hair.

They immediately started playing with their IF’s whose names I can’t remember.

They didn’t have long to play though, Marc and Sunkist sit down to the toddler training.

And this is when the first stray wandered onto the family lot.

Magmar went out to meet the kitty but it ran away as soon as she did.

That night, an ice cream truck stopped outside the house so Magmar decided to see what sweet snack she could get herself.

A rainbow ice lolly for the Rainbow legacy.

Magmar, seriously? Since when did you become so into kids?

Since the stray, I thought it’d be nice for the family to have some pets. So welcome Gold (male adult cat on the left) and Honey (female kitten on the right).

I hardly think that’s appropriate Marc…

Gold’s a little skittish, so he hides under the couch a lot.

“Hmm, I think I have a problem here…”

I’m outta here dude.”

You don’t say Marc.

Marc and Sunkist still find time for each other.

The toddler days were stressful and pictureless (sorry). But the twins are growing up!

Macaroni would look so much cuter with a normal nose, but hopefully she’ll look as adorably awkward as her mother.

Yolk is less adorable. I think it’s the eyes, if he only had his mother’s eyes…

Sunkist had an unwelcome break at work…

With the kids growing up, the IF’s are growing up too.

“I can’t believe we can finally talk face to face. This is so much better than when you used to drool on me.”

“I’m alive!”

Macaroni did not greet her new friend as she was painting. Poor IF.

Gold decided to tackle Macaroni for no reason…

“Bad kitty! Bad!”

I thought it was funny…”

Sunkist finally popped her bump! More Yellow babies!

I can’t get over how adorable these two can be ^^

“Stupid homework, what’s this mean? Yolk, little help?”

“I’m just drawing rainbows all over my page.”

“These questions suck and I can’t concentrate because that stupid sink is broken.”

“That’s no excuse young lady.”

“Sorry Mum…”

More kitty cuteness πŸ˜€

Holy crap guys! I think this is the first time you’ve all sat together at a table…and not just you guys, I’m talking about the whole span of the Evans clan starting with Daniel!

Another ice cream truck stopped by the house. The kids were a little hungry so I thought I’d indulge them.

They couldn’t afford the rainbow lollies so they just got cones instead.

“I’m just going to keep painting and pretend my son isn’t having a pillow fight with himself…”

“I’m so hungry!”

I don’t think that’s what’s causing the pain in your stomach …

“Ah! I think you might be right!”

Oh yay, another set of mixed gender twins ¬¬

The little boy is called Taxi.

The little girl is called Butter.

While Sunkist brags about her new children to her co-workers, Marc spends some quality time with the new babies.

“Whoo! I’m growing old!”

Yay! I can finally have a good excuse to make over all your outfits to red again.

I think Magmar makes a cute elder πŸ˜€ She got a cat jumper XD

She wasn’t the only one growing up that night though.

What the …? What kind of weird looking cat is that?!

Oh, phew! The fur hadn’t loaded, that was all.

First thing the following morning, it’s the younger twin’s birthday!

Taxi is adorable! I just wish he didn’t have the nose!

Poor Butter got really creepy looking eyes, I’m not really sure where they come from. They could be Marc’s eyes but his eyes are so small I can’t actually tell…